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1. Introduction

PI-DSMC is a DSMC software package (PI-DSMC) that takes advantage of multi core CPUs and Clusters. PI-DSMC offers interactivity that enables the implementation of complicated geometries and physical models. This complex interaction is enabled by a dll interface and does not require any modification of the main DSMC program.

The purpose of this manual is to explain the usage of PI-DSMC. The manual does not cover any of the theory behind DSMC. If you want to learn more about DSMC, I can highly recommend the books written by Graeme Bird.

PI-DSMC is a set of linux programs with special programs for configuration, preprocessing, processing and post processing.

The name of the graphical user interface is PIDSMCconfig.

The programs used for the generation of the data set are called PIDS2geo and PIDS3geo for 2D and 3D simulations, respectively.

The programs that performs actually implements DSMC is called PIDSMC and handles 2D and 3D simulations.

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Please note: This page applies to PI-DSMC V3 which runs on CPUs.