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2. System requirements

A system must fulfill the requirements below in order to run PI-DSMC. Entries marked with (*) do not apply to the 2D demo version. You might need the help of the system administrator.

  1. 64 bit x86 CPU running a 64 bit linux operation system kernel 2.4.0 or higher. PI-DSMC was tested on openSuse 11.2, 11.3, 12.1 and Debian 5

  2. A working installation of the MPICH2 message passing interface (MPI). PI-DSMC was tested with MPICH2 (version 1.2.1). (*)

  3. The graphical user interface (PIDSMCconfig) requires a running X window desktop, e.g. KDE or Gnome. PIDSMCconfig is currently a 32-bit program. Therefore, the system requires some 32-bit libraries to run the program.

  4. The required minimum amount of DRAM memory per instance is 500 MB. The amount of available memory will limit the coarseness of the computational grid and the maximum number of simulated molecules. The actual required amount of memory depends on the simulated case.

  5. One machine connected to the network must run the license server which is a linux application. That machine must have one free USB port for the USB dongle. (*)

  6. Each machine that runs PI-DSMC must support multi cast broadcast. (*)

  7. Each machine that runs PI-DSMC must support shared memory.

  8. Disk space that can be accessed from all machines on the network by the same user (e.g. NFS). (*)

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Please note: This page applies to PI-DSMC V3 which runs on CPUs.